Friday, August 21, 2015

Esoteric yin and yang.

Adam is the male, yang (linga) principle that is the image of the first or Masculine principle of God. The esoteric tradition says there are four Adams, meaning the four odd-numbered planes of existence in the macrocosm. The even-numbered planes are the female, yin (yoni) principles and hence Eve. 

Taking a rib of Adam to make Eve means taking the spirit energies of an odd- numbered plane or sub-plane to create the counterpart form. Specifically in humanity, the second sub-plane of the mental plane is the female principle corresponding to the creation of latent archetypes in the first emanation. In turn, this would enable the birth of the full structure of the soul body in the three higher sublevels of the mental plane. 

The bones and flesh (Gen 2:23) symbolize soul (bones, which endure) and the lower nature (flesh) that clothes the soul but is less enduring. And so the yin and yang become one complement, in a state of purity and innocence (nakedness, in the early stage before eating the fruit). 

The third factor, the child, is created when the polar energy to propagate occurs as a part of the divine plan. The child or soul is the result of the interaction of the spiritual and material energies producing forms, experience and wisdom. It is the form in which wisdom is stored.

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