Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Own Your Truth.

Truth, the most high of the elemental, fundamental laws of humanity. Within the word 'TRUTH' there resides a multitude of sub-truths, each working individually, yet part of the whole, each seeking the LIGHT at the apex where truth sits.

Humanity through time has sought truth, what's hidden, what's yet to be uncovered. However, truth has always been right there before us, lying within our own very existence, awaiting the next UN-VE(I)LATION. Unveiling, layer underneath layer, each with its own conscious meaning. Each layer, each revelation, stripping away the false securities of the external, leaving us open and vulnerable to the vultures of our own thoughts.

Each revelation brings forth another truth, another unveiling of our own humanity. God is within us all. Divine essence doesn't exist outside ourselves. As within, so without. God is within.

Like the pyramid, truth sits at the apex. The apex of our very own existence.

Own your truth.

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