Monday, July 22, 2019

Looking for happiness in the wrong place.

How unsatisfactory is modern life! When I look all around, I see so much unhappiness and sadness on many faces. I observe the emptiness in their eyes. Yet, at the same time, I see so many chasing after material things, gloating in their newest possession, whether it’s a car, clothing, boat, or whatever.

From childhood we are conditioned by television and media that happiness can be attained by satiating external wants, by getting that which temporarily satisfies our senses. We are incited toward gluttonous behavior which borders on the verge of absolute selfishness, as if these “things” define who we are as human beings. But, do “things” really define who we are? Does the size of the house, the luxurious furnishings within it, define us as a human? What about the shoe collection we spend so much on so that we can impress other sense-bound humans? Do those shoes truly define the person? What about your car? If you drive an old car does it make you less of a human than if you have a vehicle you became indebted for in the amount of $60,00 or more?

No, these things do not define your true self, which remains hidden behind the veil of delusion. Behind the veil is your true form. Many believe from scriptures that they are made in the image of God. How can one believe they are in the image of God if they define themselves by their material image that’s projected upon the earth for the ego-satisfaction derived from the illusory opinions of other human beings? Is God defined by an expensive vehicle, a gaggle of shoes, luxurious furnishings? No! The infinite cannot be defined by such trivial matters!

When we foster the desire for luxuries our misery increases. Why do you think that is the case? Well, it’s because our possessions enslave us. Rather than spending our time in search of things to make us happy, we should seek that which brings lasting bliss. Chasing after material possessions as a means for happiness only ends in unhappiness. We buy a new, expensive car and it makes us elated (for a short while), but then the car begins to age and it loses its luster, so we then become unhappy again; then, we can’t wait to rid ourselves of the pestilence.

The unchangeable, immortal soul is hidden behind the screen of our individual consciousness, on which is painted dark images of failure, sickness, and death. Once we lift the veil of illusive change, we can see our true selves that remains caged within the physical form.

The kingdom of bliss is within us. The soul can never find its lost happiness in material things for the simple reason that the comfort they offer is counterfeit. Having lost contact with the Divine within, a person seeks it in the pseudo-pleasures of the senses. True happiness eludes the sense-bound person, for what he or she seeks, while rushing restlessly from one sensory pleasure to another, is the eternal happiness that can only be found by seeking the Kingdom of Heaven within.

Ah, blindness! How long must we continue before, suffering from satiety, boredom and disgust, we seek joy within, where alone it can be found?

Think for a moment what Jesus meant when he said, “Let the dead bury their dead.” (Matthew 8:22) His meaning was that most people are dead but don’t know it! They have no ambition, no initiative, no spiritual enthusiasm, no joy in life. What is the use of living that way? Life should be a constant inspiration. To live mechanically is to be dead inside though your body is still breathing!

The reason so many people look so sad and unhappy with forlorn, empty eyes today is because they are depending on shallow channels for their happiness, instead of going to the limitless source of all joy within themselves.

The wise person, seeing the drama for the illusion that it is, seeks eternal happiness within.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018


I never wanted this calling. This abyss of darkness like a noose around my neck, beckoning me forward like a slave to Revelation. Oh, how the mighty will fall! This false reality is burdensome and has been my entire life. Intrinsically I have felt like a stranger in this world and my reincarnation into this realm was not something I welcomed. Thrust down from the golden gates to free the shells.

Who are you? Who am I?

Who are we behind our stories we tell ourselves and each other? What are we here for and what is our purpose in the end? Were we born to be cogs in the machine of this simulated reality?

I want out.