Wednesday, January 26, 2011

When the page of loverhood was opened to me.

We are all shackled within the confines of headless bewilderment. Sometimes we are concealed. Sometimes we become revealed. In the tabernacles of limitless drained cups of blemished souls, drunk on wine of our own reflections. Mirrored images are our masters, our breath obeys our insanities. We each must abandon the kings of the intellect and fall down and pay reverence to the cornerstone of our souls. Annihilation is the answer.

Take me to the end of ME, oh lover of LOVE!

Annihilate me.
End to end, remove the faces of the fascist within.

Take me to the place where life breathes purity of heart, where the water flows clear, where my sorrow blossoms into joy.
Take my desires.
Swallow my fears.
Cast out my egoistic fantasies.
Enslave me with the goblet of the brazen intoxication of LOVE, pure LOVE.

I want to drink, drink, drink
of the fountain
where silence
questions my secrets
and speaks into me
of the milky way that flows within.

Oh, make me totally unconscious of myself.

Breathe into me LIFE.



everything is but a ray of love.

I am free.

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