Monday, March 7, 2016

Delusions and the veil of evil.

The deluded mind of mankind sends forth a boasting, empty challenge to the Omniscient that if humanity were the Almighty, we would create a much better world than this. We would remove from earth devastating diseases, mental weakness, untamed emotions such as anger, greed, and lust; we would vanish natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, and famines, we would eliminate despair, old age, and death. We would overcome the tragedies of life.

Mankind boasts that if we ruled the world we would create one that's free from all struggle, pain of travail, and we would live in a permanent state of bliss. 

We dream of our world being full of a variety of occupations with unlimited activity, all of which will lead to infinite pleasure. Good citizens would be materialized by Will from the ether, just as it was said God created the first man and woman. Further, all beings would go to Heaven and become Angels residing in eternal bliss, or we would make earth a utopian ideal.

Such a state of utopia is easy to imagine, for the soul is always whispering to man its native perfection, even while the ego engages him in gambling with the enticements of distorted earthly duality. An ideal existence of utopia is not for this realm or time. For humanity in this present stage of evolution, a life without difficulties, would be of little value. No lessons of growth would be learned, no compelling incentives to seek and to know Truth. 

Despite all this, the unresolved conundrum remains: Did evil have its origins in the plan of a benevolent Creator?

The Divine answered Isaiah: "I am the Lord and there is none else, there is no God beside me. I girded thee (invested thee with my power and attributes) though thou has not known me...I form the light, and create darkness. I make peace, and create evil. I the Lord do these things." 

The rishis of India similarly perceived: "...Joy, sorrow, birth, death, fear, courage... These diverse states of being spring from Me alone as manifestations of my nature... I am the source of everything, from Me all creation emerges." 

Spirit alone is perfect. Everything in creation, being delimited, is imperfect. The very beginning of creation gave rise to the law of duality--light and darkness, good and evil, truth and falsehood--the law of relativity necessary to divide the One into the many. By the storm of vibration, the Divine's thoughts of multiplicity brought forth the manifestation of the divine play. 

Spirit in its infinite consciousness differentiated (in thought only) between itself and creation, just as the varied images of a dream assume a semblance of reality in their relative existence as separate thoughts made of the one mind-self of the deamer's imagination.

To provide individuality and independence to thought images, Spirit had to employ a cosmic deception. Spirit permeated its creative desire with delusion, a grand measure described in Buddhist and Hindu scriptures as Maya (from the Sanskrit root, Ma, "to measure"). 

Delusion divides, measures out, the infinite forms into finite forms and forces. The working of cosmic delusion on these individualizations is called avidya, individual illusion or ignorance. Individualized selves now possessing human bodies and mind are given the power of free choice and independent action from the Creator.

In the bible, when the Holy Spirit is in tune with Christ (Truth) Consciousness, it creates goodness and beauty that draws all manifestation toward a symbiotic harmony and an ultimate oneness with God. 

Satan (from the Hebrew, literally "the adversary) pulls outward from God into entanglement with the delusive world of matter, employing the mayic cosmic delusion to diffuse, confuse, blind, and bind.

Satan is defined as an archangel that fell from heaven, a force fallen from grace of attunement with the Creative Vibration of God. Jesus said: "I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven." (Luke 10:18) The divine cosmic vibration with its creative light became a divided force. 

The adversarial aspect asserts its independence and turns from God or TRUTH to ply its wiles in the grossest regions of duality, inversion, oppositional states, and mortality.

When we play into delusion, we suffer. We can bear witness to this manifesting or revealing itself all around us in today's world. 

May we learn to turn our faces back to our Creator, recognize mayic delusions, and heal our own internal adversaries. 


lui-cluj said...

Dear lady i got interestet seeing you on twitter. nephtali1981 , on youtube could be interesting for you!? I think he likes the truth,like you,like me may your spirit be saved greetings from germany

Anonymous said...

Impressive, you are one intelligent lady.

Anonymous said...

Take your passion and make money from it. I've said this to you before. You are the one Twitter account I value most. You have a great talent to see through the mist.

MoonEyedGirl said...

Thank you. I appreciate that, but, to me, money isn't what I seek.

David said...

Thank you MoonEyedGirl. Your spirit in this piece helped me today. Much appreciated.

Lisa said...

I have been concerned about you: you were raised Christian but burned out and turned to new religions. Do not take for granted the power of the Holy Spirit living within you as a believer in Jesus! Other religions are the "false gods" the bible warns about and will blind you to understanding scripture. Having said that, you still ACT more like a Christian then the people I see professing perfect doctrine. They seek to perfect their hatred as a means of attaining closeness with their god, which they claim is Jesus. But Jesus is a hater of evil and injustice, not people. Doctrine without love isn't what Jesus preached; it's what he warned about. Keep the faith. Recognize "unchurched" as a valid denomination until the Spirit of Elijah purges out the false teachers of Churchianity (probably won't really happen, but who hasn't fantasized?) Don't let yourself be discouraged on twitter, though the corneal transplant questions speak volumes about organ harvesting as a major industry, and the increase in acid attacks by the "religion of peace". So many shoahed by twitter, can't tweet that, gal. Merry Christmas!

Lisa said...

I feel like I have met the freaks in your town who think they are saved by Jesus. Remember that's not Christianity. Those are the Pharisees that Jesus also couldn't stand. He wanted them "saved" but they worship themselves, follow the Talmud, are in the religion as a business, exploit the weak, devour widows' households, harm the little ones, keep people from the Kingdom of God, are willing vessels of satan, and nonetheless will screech in your face "YOU'RE NOT SAVED" because you aren't worshiping them and doing whatever they want you to do, believing you must be their slave-servants in the service of the Khazarian Mafia. But fake-it-till-you-make-it on the tree for the sake of your children. They will see through this anyway, so tell them it's not a pagan household and you aren't worshiping the tree itself, and that "mommy feels a little burned out on religion right now" but it doesn't diminish the power of Jesus. Merry Christmas!

MsPublius1 said...
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