Monday, June 5, 2017

If wings could fly.

I no longer regret the rain. I am now grateful for its cleansing essence. Any thunder that appears as the rain washes away sediment is the sounds of my own soul roaring.

I've felt chained so long. No more.

My soul emerges out of the cocoon its been sheltered within by my own fears. I can't explain how I know that I am becoming free, but if I had wings, I'd be flying rather than typing this experience.


An amazing, tremendous, magnificent GLOW that exists within ALL. A beautiful, yet gently potent, fire.

I have witnessed this in my dreams. I have felt its power. I KNOW that there is much more beyond our own limited egos.

Yet, what do we do? We FIGHT one another, or the image of the other that our own ego perceives as the other but is really just the ego of the other. We want to CONTROL the world around us.

That is not our mission in this life.

We must not end up living an UNLIVED life.

Who are YOU? The You behind the veil of your ego? Pull back your skin and bones, WHO are you?

You are not who you think you are. You are not the many faces you wear. You are not your anger, your hate, your empathy, your love, your whatever. YOU are meant to be FREE from all faces, yet to be all of them.

There is a Divine who LOVES you and wants to show you Mercy.

Go home. I'll hopefully see you all there.

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